Click-to-Text Button = New Patients

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What's TextAppt?

TextAppt is a simple "click to text" button on your website that lets new prospective patients text you with one click.

This is different from your appt reminder text tool on your patient software... we're only focused on getting new patients for you.

Web Forms vs Text

When's the last time you filled out a form on a website? Make your primary Call to Action a "click-to-text" option?

Reply Instantly (and Easily)

You've got a lead! Now text reply quickly via our mobile app or desktop portal. Faster response times are key!

HIPPA Compliant

TextAppt is installed on HIPPA compliant (AWS) Amazon Web Servers, monitored by Cloundwatch, and highly encrypted for security.

Actual text leads that converted to patients

App Screenshots

How it Works

Install 1-Click Text Button

Put the 1-click widget on your website. We can help you with this process.

New Patients Will Click to Text

People will click on the widget and it will open up a new text message box right away.

You've Got (text) Leads!

Mobile app, email, and desktop bubble notification. You'll get an alert right away so you can respond asap.

Reply & Confirm Appointment

Reply using our easy-to-use mobile app or desktop portal.

Commitment-Free Pricing

Start off with a free 30-day trial. No credit card required. After the trial, it's only $49/mo with no surprises. To cancel, email or text us before the next month starts. Give it a test run now!

30-Day Trial


Per Month After Trial

  • Month-to-Month
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Unlimted Users
  • Free Local Texting Number
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What Doctors Have To Say

Texting Statistics

#1 Most used feature on smartphones

Text messaging is the most frequently used feature on a smartphone.
(Marketing Charts)

90% Prefer text over calls with businesses

90% of people would rather receive a text than a call from a business.
(Franchise Help)

67 Average daily texts

On average, millenials send and receive 67 text messages per day. This number has increased significantly in 2019.
(Business Insider 2013)

90 Second average response time

The average response time for a text message is only 90 seconds.

60x faster than email

The average response time for a text message is 6,000% (60X) faster than email.
(CTIA, HubSpot)

95% Read Rate

95% of texts from businesses are read within 3 minutes of being sent.

112.6% Increased Conversion

Texting a prospect after initial contact can increase conversion rates by 112.6%.
(Leads360, Crazy Egg)